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Sartaj Singh Dhami
Sartaj Singh Dhami

Born and raised in the suburbs of Washington DC, Sartaj graduated with an electrical engineering degree from Virginia Tech.  He currently utilizes his engineering expertise to aide towards identifying solutions to complex technical problems with one of the largest engineering firms in the United States.

Aside from his professional life, Sartaj is an active member in the local Sikh community of Washington DC.  He is known to help by working closely with youth groups, outreaching to Non-Sikh organizations to strengthen community bonds, as well as being a principle organizer for Guru Gobind Singh Foundation’s annual summer youth camp.

However, Sartaj is also known to be an instrumental advocate for bringing educational awareness to society about Sikhism.  Whether in Blacksburg or Washington DC, he has aided in bringing attention to sensitive issues to many various Sikh advocacy groups.  Considering himself as one of the many “trench workers,” some of Sartaj’s silent contributions have been vocalizing misrepresentation of Sikhism in the Eternal Blade (link 1, link 2) and Hitman 2 (link 1, link 2) video games, identifying slanderous material about Sikhism distributed at Bhangra Blowout, as well as co-organizing a youth lead memorial service for Sgt. Uday Singh of the US Army.  He has volunteered with the Sikh American Legal Defense & Education Fund, and played an active role in organizing the Sikh Council On Religion & Education’s Capitol Hill Heritage Dinner.

In 2000, alongside his friends, Sartaj started to experiment with the idea of filmmaking.  Several years later in 2003, he went on to release the underground smash hit Gatka 1:  The Experimentation.  This short film became an Internet highlight among the Sikh community and was viewed throughout the world.  Later, it went as far as to be featured on SikhNet.

After creating several more shorts, Sartaj formed Dashmesh Pictures as a creative outlet dedicated to portraying Sikhism in a positive manner.  Sartaj is passionate for creating this organization, which is open to all, so that the next Sikh “Steven Spielberg” can be found.

Supreet Kaur Rekhi

Supreet Kaur Rekhi

Supreet is the true brainpower, from the conceptual design to operations, of Dashmesh Pictures.  After migrating from India to the suburbs of Washington DC at a young age, she earned a degree in bio-medical engineering from the University of Maryland.  Currently she also serves as the President of her University’s Sikh Student Association.  In this role Supreet oversaw several community relations projects that increased attention to who the Sikhs are on campus, as well as provided an outlet for fellow Sikhs to interact and bond with one another. 

Although obtaining a technical degree, Supreet is also known for artistic abilities in writing and published poetry.  Using these talents, she has also created many presentations catered to young children (below the age of 8) to teach Sikhism at a level that is easily understood by them.  These presentations have been used with much success throughout many Sikh youth camps across the United States.  With her calm poise and determination, Supreet made sure that Guru Gobind Singh Foundation’s annual summer youth camp operationally excelled in both her counseling and oversight roles for several successful years.

Sharing the common goal of bringing more social education and awareness to Sikhism, Supreet brings valuable insight and direction to Dashmesh Pictures through her artistic abilities.  From storyboarding, writing, and filming, she has had a “hands-on” approach to several successful shorts featured by Dashmesh Pictures.  In particular, Supreet was a major guidance through the lifecycle process for both the Sikh on the Street and the Legacy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji shorts. 

Currently she is providing post production mentoring of Dashmesh Picture's Gatka 2:  The Inspiration, the highly anticipated sequel to Gatka 1:  The Experimentation.

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