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With time, the impact of any civilization, ideology, or culture becomes challenged as it migrates from a physical presence to historical remembrance.  How quickly some among society may fail to remember the importance of historical events, and how those events still impact our daily lives today.  Furthermore, this causes the ideals that past generations stood for to quickly be taken for granted, as their struggles become silently forgotten.

To some extent, such is the current situation of the world’s fifth largest religion, Sikhism.

As their diasporas are created worldwide, this pure brotherhood (or Khalsa) from the Punjab continues to face the common struggle of any minority community:  acceptance without assimilation.

As seen throughout history, the concept of acceptance relatively does not come with ease.  In today’s media enriched world the unique identity of the Sikhs, a uniform consisting of turbans and uncut hair, is often misunderstood.  This is commonly seen through news agencies by not presenting information clearly on Sikhism, by major motion pictures stereotyping Sikhs in demeaning roles, or reference texts presenting conflicting information to what Sikhism is.

At the same time, some among the internal Sikh community themselves struggle with the importance and need of their unique identity.  With a lack of education about the rich history and culture of Sikhism, some among the Sikh youth experience frustration when their questions of “Why?” go unanswered or they are given unclear, contradictory responses.

The obstacles of incorrect media representation and lack of education have plagued the Sikhs as they travel to new parts of the world.  Furthermore, these obstacles have started to infiltrate their historical homeland in India.  Members of the community have either assimilated into the mainstream by removing their identity, or have altered their identity due to incorrect media influence.

Worst of all, these tactics of assimilation are going unreciprocated, as the Sikh community remains silent.  It is this silence that potentially may lead towards the first steps of Sikhism being forgotten and becoming only a part of history, and not a part of the present and future.

In an attempt to define, document, and assess the obstacles faced by the Sikh community, it is the intent of Dashmesh Pictures to provide potential solutions in order to break the silence.

The sole purpose of Dashmesh Pictures and RestoringThePride.com is to provide a creative art media outlet, with an emphasis on visual works, to help promote a positive image for Sikhism.  The mission can be divided into two subcategories: 

1.)  Provide knowledge to society of who the Sikhs are through creative works, as a mechanism to promote educational awareness, acceptance, and communal harmony.
2.)  Provide inspirational works for members of the Sikh community, as a mechanism to aide in restoring their pride, as experienced by their ancestors in previous generations.

Films made by Dashmesh Pictures may contain copyrighted material, which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.  The sole purpose of Dashmesh Pictures is promoting education and awareness of Sikhism.  We believe this constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material featured in any Dashmesh Pictures work is distributed without profit, which includes for research and educational purposes.  For more information, see the description of limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use.  If you wish to use copyrighted material featured in Dashmesh Pictures works for purposes of your own that go beyond "Fair Use," you must obtain permission from the Copyright Owner.