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Demo Reel:  Kabir Kamboh
Duration:  7 minutes, 8 seconds
Release Date:  December 2003
Directed & Edited by:  Sartaj Singh Dhami
Concept Design by:  Kabir Kamboh and Sartaj Singh Dhami


As a rising actor/comedian/dancer, Kabir Kamboh has had several successful accomplishments in a relatively short period of time.  In particular Kabir has been in several acting roles on various Discovery Channel television specials, provided voiceover works in Badmash comics (link1, link2), and has been credited to being the voice of Hiroyuki in Microsoft’s critically acclaimed Halo 2 video game.

However the friendship between Kabir and Sartaj started back in college.  It is there where Kabir chased down Sartaj, who was on foot, with his car because he was so happy to see another Sikh on campus.  The rest is history.

Upon graduation, Kabir approached Sartaj to create a demo reel of his work so that it could be sampled by talent agencies.  After several hours of discussion and editing, a short demo reel was created highlighting the best work of Kabir that has led him to much success.

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