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Sikh Artwork from the UK
Release Date:  2006
Artist:  Jagmeet Singh Khalsa
Website:  Akaal Media


Jagmeet Singh Khalsa will be the first to admit that he has a passion for photography, painting, and chalk based drawings.  He has used his talents to capture his thoughts artistically, which leaves viewers with a sense of inspiration.  As he finishes his studies in an Art & Design College in the UK, Jagmeet has devoted some of his time to create artworks that restore a sense of pride to the Sikh community.

Below you'll find just a sampling of Jagmeet's hard work.  In the future, he hopes to work with many who share interests in art and design, especially in promoting Sikh pride.

Each art piece below has a caption written by Jagmeet.  This allows for a full understanding to his mind frame when these works were created.

In 5 He resides.
"This painting shows the Panj Piare (the five beloved ones).  In this work, I used mix media materials such as oil pastels, charcoal and acrylic paint.  This gives an overall atmosphere and mood to the authority Panj Piare.  They each have the qualities of Guru Gobind Singh, in which 5 He resides." - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

"A life drawn and painting of a hand expression of 'One God,' Ek Onkar.  This is purely an acrylic painting, using vertical paint strokes with a wide paint brush." - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

Ram Das Sarovar
"A direct copy of a photograph taken at Harimandar Sahib about two years back.  I was really amazed at the beautiful tones of the blue that came out in the photograph and felt the urge to paint using a variety of blue tones.  Not much detail has been put into the rest of the landscape, as my aim was really to bring the depth of the sarovar." - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

"A charcoal drawing of the Tabla cornered into a space.  I've tried to use a wide tonal range, with out making any solid lines which turned out more difficult than expected.  To be honest this was a quick attempt to fill up my life drawing module which was handed in the next day!" - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

Speak Out
"This was a very quick 'sketch' which I felt the need when I first started reading about the attack on Harimandir Sahib and Sikhs in 1984.  Using simple flat colours, I wrote and expressed the words of this tragedy using my own fingers.  Finger prints are also visible which makes the piece very personal.  I used Adobe After Effects to bump up the contrast." - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

Ek Onkar
"This is a composition of Ek Onkar using pieces of glow in the dark plastic, which I cut up myself years ago, and stuck on my bedroom wall.  At night this glows green!  Here light is shining through my bedroom window, and creates a very dark contrast with light and shape.  The light only shines within the whole shape of Ek Onkar.  Interesting shapes with the different offset shadow, looks very similar to paint brush strokes." - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

Singh Picasso
"A rough sketch of a painting I saw by Picasso.  I simply just added a turban to the painting I saw, really!  At the time I was searching for a subject for one of my final year projects.  One of them was based on 'confusion.'  Confusion about one's life, where they come from, where is there purpose in life and really who they are?  The painting I looked at gave me that feeling, as I wanted to relate to how I was confused at the time about my identity." - Jagmeet Singh Khalsa

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